Conversations on Europe: The End of Soft Power? The EU and the Middle East

The second installment in "Conversation on Europe" -- a series of interactive videoconferences for 2012-13 -- the EUCE/ESC brings experts together via remote connection to discuss the range and level of European influence in the Middle East. Europe has, until recently, been an attractive model for countries in democratization, because of the non-threatening, non-military way Europe—and the EU in particular—attracted adherents. Almost two years after the Arab Spring, does Europe retain any influence, any ability to influence events?


Islam: Empire of Faith

Running Time: 160 min
A survey of 1000 years of Islamic history starting at the birth of the Prophet Muhammad. Includes Muslim contributions in art and science.


Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet

This web site - a companion to the PBS program of the same name - offers profiles of both the prophet Muhammad and several contemporary American Muslims who describe the meaning of their faith. The web site contains additional historical and biographical information as well as background information on Islam.

Running Time: 120 min
A innovative biography of prophet Muhammad told by 21st Century American Muslims who live his example.


Inside Islam (History Channel)

Running Time: 100 min
This balanced, objective introduction to the great faith traces its roots back to Abraham and explains the main tenets of Islam, the Five Pillars that all Muslims must adhere to. What the Qur'an has to say about war, violence and suicide is explained by leading Muslim scholars


Islam: A Closer Look

Documentary featuring a basic, but thought provoking explanation of Islamic beliefs and practices.



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