The Iberian Encounter and Exchange


The Iberian Encounter and Exchange is currently accepting book proposals. The Iberian Peninsula has historically been an area of the world that fostered encounters and exchanges among peoples from different societies. For centuries, Iberia acted as a nexus for the circulation of ideas, people, objects, and technology around the pre-modern western Mediterranean, Atlantic, and eventually the Pacific. Iberian Encounter and Exchange, 475-1755 combines a broad thematic scope with the territorial limits of the Iberian Peninsula and its global contacts. In doing so, works in this series will juxtapose previously disparate areas of study and challenge scholars to rethink the role of encounter and exchange in the formation of the modern world. We encourage proposals for books that address all aspects of this theme in the medieval and early modern Iberian world. Specialists in early modern Latin American, African, and/or Asian history whose project has significant and established connections with the Iberian Peninsula should especially consider submitting a prospectus for consideration to the series editors, Erin Rowe of Johns Hopkins University ( and/or Michael A. Ryan of the University of New Mexico (