Teaching About Islam and Muslims in the Public School Classroom


The Council on Islamic Education was founded in 1991 to provide academic support and scholarly resources about Islam and Muslim history to K-12 textbook publishers, educators, and others. We went on to cultivate expertise in world history and teaching about world religions, producing assessments of national and history-social studies state standards, training thousands of teachers, publishing high-quality teaching materials, and reviewing numerous social studies textbooks.

In 2007, we began operating as the Institute on Religion and Civic Values. We wanted to clearly indicate that as an academic organization our expertise extended to many issues in the coverage of world history and world religions. Furthermore, we wanted to emphasize that our core interest in improving religious literacy goes beyond the schools to include faith communities, the media and civil society. We believe that a better understanding of the interplay between our religious identities and our civic responsibilities lies at the heart of creating cooperation and harmony in our shared society.

Now in its third edition, this popular publication helps American educators presented with the task of accurately and fairly teaching about Islam and Muslims in primary and secondary schools. CIE has several publications and curriculum for K-12 classrooms.