Sacred Journeys with Bruce Feiler


Best-selling author and adventurer Bruce Feiler leads an epic journey as he travels with contemporary pilgrims on six historic pilgrimages including Hajj, and explores how these sacred landscapes and revitalized routes are reshaping faith. Materials for educators as well as video clips.

For Grades 8 - 12: The Hajj: Islamic Sacred Pilgrimage

Explore the Hajj, the traditional pilgrimage to Mecca, through the experience of modern American Muslims and learn about the origins of Islam in its birthplace, Medina, in this media gallery from Sacred Journeys with Bruce Feiler. According to Muslim tradition, all of the world’s able-bodied believers must make the Hajj at least once in their lives. They strip themselves of worldly possessions and ask God’s forgiveness for their human failings. Pilgrims enter a sacred state of spiritual purity and wear plain garments. They then circle on foot seven times the Ka’bah, or house of God on Earth, which is located inside the city’s Great Mosque. This resource is part of the Sacred Journeys with Bruce Feiler Collection.