Podcast: Being Black and Muslim in the World


In this episode of On The Square, we are in a diasporic mood! We talk with Gilary Massa Machado, a community activist from Canada; Ṭāhir Fuzile Sitoto, a lecturer from South Africa; and Ismael Lea South, a community and youth consultant from the United Kingdom about the differences and the shared experiences of being Black and Muslim in the 21st century.

Our guests share some of the histories of the Black Muslim experience where they live, describe relationships between Black Muslims and skinfolk who aren’t Muslim, and what anti-Blackness in their local Muslim spaces looks like. They also discuss what they love about being Black African and Muslim. The conversation ends on the poignant question: what does the future look like? (Spoiler alert: It looks bright!)

To the question, What’s your Black Muslim Theme Song?,Tahir chose Zikr by jazz great Abdullah Ibrahim. A salsera at heart, Gilary was leaning toward Aguanile by Willie Colon and Hector Lavoe but ultimately chose Black Gold by fellow Torontonian Timaj Garad. Ismael had two top picks: Muhammad Walks by Lupe Fiasco and Love Di Ramadan by the UK dub poet Ahmad Ikhlas.