Media Construction of the Middle East - Curriculum Kit


Secondary Level

Project Look Sharp provides materials, training and support to help teachers prepare students for life in today's media saturated world. It promotes the effective integration of media literacy and critical thinking into classroom curricula at all educational levels and instructional areas. It also evaluates the effectiveness of school-based media literacy education. It has just released the third in a series of nationally distributed curriculum kits: “Media Construction of the Middle East.” The kit can be accessed via its Web site (below) where a CD/DVD version can also be requested at no charge. The kit includes all materials needed to actively engage students in developing a deep and critical understanding of the Arab-Israeli conflict, the U.S. War in Iraq, and the rise of militant Islamic movements. In addition to learning core content, students are trained to critically analyze and decode media messages in a variety of forms including Web pages, film clips, TV news, magazines, newspapers, and school textbooks.