Israel, India and the Islamophobic Alliance


The Islamophobia Studies Center at UC Berkeley published Israel, India and the Islamophobic Alliance report comes on the heel of two other publications that examined the rise of Hindu nationalism in India and the ongoing targeting of Muslim, Sikh, Dalit and Christian minorities in the country. The Center’s research on Islamophobia covers a wide array of regions and topics, which is the logical approach considering the global nature of the islamophobia phenomena and the distinct features across different geographies, cultures, and nation-states. Here, Daniel Pipes’ islamophobia hornet’s nest, the Middle East Forum, is directly connected to a distinctive development, a partnership between Hindu nationalism and Israel. Importantly, U.S. based Hindu nationalist organizations and their lobbying arms have struck a strategic relationship with Islamophobic outfits and Zionist groups, which is increasingly visible in their public discourse. This report is intended to partly examine the recent developments and sheds some light on this relationship