Islamophobia Studies Journal Spring 2021


The Journal is produced in collaboration with the Islamophobia Research and Documentation Project at the Center for Race and Gender at Berkeley, a research unit dedicated to the systematic study of Othering Islam and Muslims. ISJ is an interdisciplinary and multi-lingual academic journal that encourages submissions that theorizes the historical, political, economic, and cultural phenomenon of Islamophobia in relation to the construction, representation, and articulation of “Otherness.” ISJ is an open scholarly exchange, exploring new approaches, methodologies, and contemporary issues.

Accessible online. The articles include:

Introduction: Transnational Feminism in a Time of Digital Islamophobia
Zeinab Farokhi and Yasmin Jiwani
Cyber Homo Sacer: A Critical Analysis of Cyber Islamophobia in the Wake of the Muslim Ban
Zeinab Farokhi
Gendered Islamophobia in the Case of the Returning ISIS Women: A Canadian Narrative
Yasmin Jiwani
Claiming our Space: Muslim Women, Activism, and Social Media
Faiza Hirji
The Poetry of Suheir Hammad: Transnational Interventions in the Age of Islamophobia and Digital Media