Invisible Muslims Re-Envisiong Black Studies within Islamic Education


Ink of the Scholars, has assembled a team of eight esteemed African-American scholars with University Ph.Ds and Classical ijazas. We have developed a curriculum for students aged 13-adult. Four courses, each team-taught by a man and a woman:

1. Africa in the Qur'an

2. The Black Sahaba

3. African Ulama

4. Muslim Movements: From Mansa Musa to Malcolm X​

Invisible Muslims ​seeks to put Black people back into the story of Islam, where we belong. If you are developing curriculum for your home school, supplementing your children's education, or you simply want to learn this sacred story for yourself. Register now.

16 One-Hour sessions, with unlimited use of recordings, Canvas site, and supplemental materials for an additional four weeks after the course ends!
Cost for course materials $165