How has understanding Islamic family law benefited those seeking justice in U.S. courts?


Abed Awad, Esq. discusses Islamic law, family law and women's rights in Islam @ Howard University School of Law.

Abed Awad, Esq. is a lawyer and a specialist in Islamic Law and the laws of Arab countries. Mr. Awad has published extensively in various publications and was selected as one of ten Lawyers of the Year 2002 by the LAWYERS WEEKLY, for his ground-breaking decision enforcing the "mahr" provision contained in a Muslim marriage contract. Mr. Awad is a partner and founding member of the law firm of Awad & Khoury, LLP, and the former Vice President of KARAMAH. As a frequent public speaker at bar associations, universities, conventions and political events, Mr. Awad lectures on subjects ranging from law, politics, gender religion and culture internationally.