High School Essay Contest: Muslim American Experiences Then and Now


Call for Papers: Muslim American Experiences Then and Now
Audience: High School Students enrolled in 11th or 12th grade

1) To encourage original ideas and critical thinking around topics of related to American Muslim history and contemporary experiences.
2) To demonstrate college readiness, research skills, analysis, and presentation skills,
3) To receive authentic feedback from university faculty and to present student research in a university setting.

Awards: Top three submissions will receive awards of $150, these and others may be selected to present their paper at 2018 CERIS Undergraduate research symposium. All student submissions will receive a notice of submission.

Suggested Topic Themes:
• History of Islam in America
• Islam and Democracy
• Race, Civil Rights and Islam
• Islam and Popular Culture
• Islamophobia and American Discourse
• Muslim Voices in America
• African American Muslim Narrative

Students should consider what are the main political, religious, and/or cultural considerations and influences within a selected topic theme and identify the main position, debates or themes in the historical or contemporary narrative where relevant.

Time frame:
April 1, 2018: Papers Due - student must register at link below and send paper as PDF to cerisnet@gmail.com
April 5, 2018: Finalist notified
April 13, 2018 Paper presentations at 2018 CERIS Research Symposium at Duquesne University

Students, their teacher who helped with paper, and guardian(s) will be invited to attend the 2018 CERIS Undergraduate Symposium at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA on April 13, 2018. In addition to the selected high school student presentations, university students, faculty and a keynote address by noted scholar will present.

Please see attached handout for complete instructions.
For all other questions contact Elaine Linn at cerisnet@gmail.com