Emergent: Women’s Voices


Emergent (BarAyandegan) is a new body of work about Iranian women and how they changed the dynamics of gender and the socio-economic structures in the 20th century Iran. In its first phase, Emergent includes a series of guided conversations with women who were born before 1950. These conversations took place in their personal spaces, and make up the content of the podcast series. Each episode provides an intimate portrait of one woman in her own voice.

Women of this generation, irrespective of their social and economic standing, were a primary factor in political and identity changes that irreversibly changed and reshaped the contemporary Iran. Their challenges and achievements are a little-known part of the 20th century history of the global movement for women’s rights and equality. My project adds to the growing effort to recover this history.

The podcasts are in Farsi, but all episode notes and companion material are provided in both Farsi and English. In addition to a 3-minute trailer, the first episode, Yadhay-e Parvin, is currently online. The series is available for subscription in various ways. Find relevant links below this text, and also on the project website.