Egypt Dialogue Series: A series of discussions on global issues with Pitt and Egyptian university students


In Fall 2013 the Global Studies Center held a series of discussions with students from American University of Cairo (AUC), along with their instructor. Dr. Riham Bahi. Articles prior to each session were selected by Pitt faculty Dr. Roger Rouse and Dr. Mohammed Bamyeh, in collaboration with Dr. Bahi.

If faculty or student groups are interested in hosting dialogues with students from AUC in the future, please contact Salma Abousenna, Dialogue Coordinator
Office of the Core Curriculum, The American University in Cairo, TEL: (+202) 2615 3586, Email:

Themes and Readings for Fall 2013 Series:

Session I: Discussion Topic: New Wave of Revolts
Millions are mobilizing in the streets from Cairo to San Paulo and in cities in between, calling attention to a host of issues including access to health care, transportation, clean water, employment and the right to vote in free elections. What are some of the themes that arise, what is the role of the state, can these movements change policies and the course of history, what is the role of social networking and the youth?

The Revolt of the Global Middle Class by David Rohde

Why It's Still Kicking Off Everywhere by Paul Mason

We Didn't Risk Our Lives Simply to Change the Players by Khaled Fahmy

Eyptians Will No Longer Put Up with Authoritarians by Ezzedine Choukri Fishere

Session II: Discussion Topic : Globalization and the World Economy: Impact of 2009 Global Economic Crisis, How economy affects security decision making.

(1) What is Neoliberalism? A Brief Definition for Activists by Elizabeth Martinez and Arnoldo Garcia

(2) How Neoliberalism Created an Age of Activism by Juan Cole

(3) Neoliberal Egypt: The Hijacked Revolution by Jason Hickel

Session III: Discussion Topic: The Middle East, Africa and the US: What are the major issues, shared views and diverse perspectives? How does the current crisis in Syria and Egypt impact US citizens?

The Rise of the Arab ‘War on Terror’ Discourse by Yazan al-Saadi*

Rethinking US Egyptian Bilateral Relations: A Rights-Based Approach by Corinna Mullin, Suzanne Adely, and Azadeh Shahshahani