Education and Youth in South Asia


A lecture by Dr. M. Najeeb Shafiq, Associate Professor, School of Education and Department of Economics, University of Pittsburgh

his one credit mini-course is part of a series organized by regions around world based on their role on the world stage, their importance within the Muslim world, and the critical influence they play in the global community, The series and course seeks to illuminate the various perspectives of the Muslim Community around the world. Drawing upon the expertise and research of participating faculty from Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh and our partners at institutions around the world the mini course series seeks to have students gain understanding of the religious, culture, economics and political influences of Muslims in a global context.

Dr. Shafiq uses large data and advanced quantitative methods to explore educational topics in developing countries and the U.S. His research interests include the social benefits of education, educational gender gaps, child labor, and school choice. Dr. Shafiq received his Ph.D. in Economics and Education from Columbia University. He previously held appointments at the World Bank, Washington and Lee University, and Indiana University at Bloomington.