Countering The Islamophobia Industry, toward  More Effective Strategies.--The Carter Center


The manual concludes with an essay from Ebrahim Rasool, former South African ambassador to the United States, who reflects on the lessons learned from South Africa’s anti-apartheid struggle. Rasool argues that defeating Islamophobia means recognizing it as a part of a larger family in a “genealogy of bigotry” that includes fear and ignorance, prejudice and discrimination, racism, sexism, and anti-Semitism. Rasool writes that “the leadership of South Africa resisted the temptation to monopolize or elevate their suffering under Islamophobia out of respect for the greater scale and depth of suffering of black South Africans under racism and mineworkers from other African states under xenophobia.” The struggle for justice must be an inclusive one, because — to paraphrase Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. — dignity, equality, and freedom denied to one group is a threat to all.