Back to school? 2019 Study about Muslim College Students


Announced by University of Pittsburgh


According to our new report, campus Muslim Student Association involvement is unrelated to confidence in one’s faith, suggesting that campus MSAs are welcoming to all Muslims in different places on their spiritual journey. Read our new report for more insights on MSA members. (

Back to school? Read up on the latest data about Muslim college students.

As millions of college students head back to school this month, we wanted to highlight our research on Muslim college students, produced in partnership with MSA West. Whether you're a student yourself, or you just dropped one off for their first week of classes, you'll find something surprising, motivating, worrisome, or, most likely, all three in our newest report. Covering issues of identity, spiritual life, mental health, discrimination, activism and more, this Survey of MSA Student Members: Perseverance in the Face of Adversity will help prepare you to meet the needs of Muslim college students in your life.


Mark your calendars for a Twitter Town Hall

We're continuing the conversation about the so-called Muslim Ban and structural Islamophobia, and we want you to take part. Join us virtually on Tuesday, October 8 for a Twitter Town Hall with the participants in July's Beyond the Ban event, including Dr. Maha Hilal (Justice for Muslims Collective), Abed Ayoub (American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee), Vanessa Taylor (Advocates for Youth), Iman Hassan (Center on Conscience & War), Namira Islam (Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative) and myself. Get ahead of the curve today and follow ISPU on Twitter, and be sure to join us October 8 for a data-rich conversation about the impact of the Muslim Ban.


We're still accepting additions to our 2020 American Muslim Poll.

Alerting all researchers, media professionals, and community leaders who need reliable, representative data on American Muslims: we're here for you. ISPU can provide space for purchase on our annual poll at a fraction of the cost of conducting this type of survey on your own. American Muslim Poll 2020, to be released October 1, 2020, will provide representative survey research on American Muslims—an extremely difficult and costly undertaking—and give you side-by-side comparisons on every question with a representative sample of American Jews and the general public. No other such survey exists.

Contact for more information.

We have four data-driven ways to combat Islamophobia. Ready to learn them?

1. Build coalitions with other impact communities.
2. Keep demystifying Islam.

Keep reading through to learn 3 and 4 in our new infographic. We're sharing new one-page reference sheets that are quick entry points into our 2019 American Muslim Poll data, including ways to combat Islamophobia, ways to improve Muslim civic engagement, the connection between private devotion and public religious assertiveness, and more. Browse our new infographics, then share the facts with a friend.


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