A Siege of Salt and Sand


A former MA student at the University of Arizona School of Middle Eastern and North African Studies created a wonderful film for his thesis project (dual degree in Journalism and MENAS) called “A Siege of Salt and Sand.” I’ve had a copy that I’ve used to great effect in high school classes (and it’s even better for adults!), and now I see it online for free. The 43-minute film shows the effect that climate change is having on Tunisia, which is squeezed by rising sea levels along the Mediterranean and desertification along the Sahara. Filmmaker Sam McNeil shows, not only the social and economic effects of global climate change, but also the ramifications on population movement from the country to the cities, politics (Arab Spring as fueled by discontented, displaced people, and the spread of disease. Even my less-motivated students seemed to really like it! To access the film, go to: https://vimeo.com/97702722