2014 Jordan Summer Study Program for Teachers


The Global Studies Center at the University of Pittsburgh in collaboration with CERIS will lead a four-week study program in Jordan this summer. Through this amazing experience, high school teachers will enhance their ability to educate students about the Arab and Islamic world and become proficient in colloquial Arabic.

In addition to language learning, teachers will examine two major themes “Migration, Displacement and Integration” and ”Local Responses to Geo-Politics: Past and Present.” We will look though several lenses: historical, geographic, religious, economic and artistic when considering these two major themes.

While in Jordan, teachers will participate in language classes (35%), area study courses, site visits, cultural tours, dialogue with practitioners, scholars and activists, (35%), community service (10%), and team work creating curriculum for their secondary classrooms(15%). There is free-time and weekend excursions too!

The program is funded by the US Department of Education, Fulbright Hays Group Projects Abroad. For more information click link below