Discover Islamic Art

At the invitation of the Museum With No Frontiers, 14 countries from around the Mediterranean and the European Union have agreed to collaborate on producing a virtual museum on the Internet that explores Islamic art and material culture in the Mediterranean region. Drawing on the participation of 42 museums, this Web site has images of 1,235 paintings, art objects and manuscripts that you can download, print, or paste for free.

Islamic Law In Our Times: A Realistic Assessment of Islamic Law in Today’s World or Foam From a Camel's Mouth, Spewing and Subsiding

Haider Ala Hamoudi, associate professor of law, University of Pittsburgh School of Law, has launched the blog "Islamic Law In Our Times: A Realistic Assessment of Islamic Law in Today’s World" The blog contains commentary, articles, book reviews, links, etc, related to Islamic law.

The Al-Sahafa Newspaper USA

The Al-Sahafa Newspaper USA is a National publication, written in the English language covering topics ranging from Fashion, to Culture, to Food, to Politics, to Exclusive Interviews with World Leaders - all pertaining to the Middle East.


BBC site on world religions.
Sufism is Islamic mysticism. This article provides a description of Sufism and information about its history and current practice.

Imam Atef Mahgoub

Imam Atef Mahgoub is the Religious Director and Imam of the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Imam Atef grew up studying in the Al-Azhar school system, and after memorizing the Holy Qur'an at a young age, he went on to obtain his bachelor's degree from Al-Azhar University. This gave him the opportunity to study the religion of Islam in-depth under the mentorship of some of the most well-known Islamic scholars. His website contains lectures, writings and a place to dialogue with the Imam.

Quran Recitation was started in October, 2005, by a group of Muslims living in Orlando, Florida, USA. Quran recitation and translation in Arabic, Urdu and English. Quran and hadith tutorials available.

Islamic City

IslamiCity website was launched in 1995. It provides a non-sectarian, comprehensive and holistic view of Islam and Muslims to a global audience.

IslamiCity has evolved into one of the world’s leading online source of Islamic information and one of the largest Muslim e-Community, offering a wide range of information and services.

It is this combination of community building, information and services – delivered in a virtual city metaphor - that attracts millions of visitors and international media recognition for IslamiCity every year.

Islam and Islamic Studies Resources

Islam and Islamic Studies Resources

For Studying Islam and the Diverse Perspectives of Muslims

Information for the study of Islam, Qur'an, hadith, the Sunnah, Shi'ism and Heterodox Movements Sufism and Sufi Poetry Islam in the modern world, militant Islam, jihad, Islamist or extremist Muslims, and terrorism, Islam in Iraq, Muslim women, Islamic art, architecture, music, as well as Islamic history, theology, philosophy, and Arabic and other Islamic languages such as Persian, and religion in general.

From University of Georgia.

Internet Islamic History Sourcebook

Subset of texts derived from the three major online Sourcebooks on Islamic History, along with added texts and web site indicators. For more contextual information, for instance about Western imperialism, or the history of a given period, check out these web sites.

Page from the Fordham University, The Jesuit University of New York.

Fons Vitae: Interfaith Publisher

A non-profit, academic press, publishes interfaith scholarly works focused primarily on world spirituality.

A peer-reviewed publishing house, Fons Vitae is distinguished for its significant English translations of key Arabic and Persian works, especially in the field of Sufism.


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