The History of African American Islam

Rasul Miller is a PhD candidate and a William Fontaine fellow of Africana Studies and History at the University of Pennsylvania. Rasul received his BA in Economics and African and African American Studies from Duke University. His research interests include Muslim movements in 20th century America and their relationship to Black internationalist thought and West African intellectual history. He serves as editor and contributing writer for the history section of Sapelo Square, an award winning online platform dedicated to the experiences of Black Muslims.


ISPU Study: Contributions to the State of Michigan

Rebecca Karam, Principal Investigator of ISPU's Muslims for American Progress (MAP) project, discusses the contributions of Muslims to the state of Michigan, highlighting the stories of some truly inspiring individuals.

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"The Abode of Peace: The Prophet, the Qur'an, and Turning the Other Cheek"

Dr. Juan R.I. Cole, an academic and commentator on the modern Middle East and South Asia. He is Richard P. Mitchell Collegiate Professor of History at the University of Michigan. Since 2002, he has written a weblog, Informed Comment which is also syndicated on He gave this talk at Georgetown University's Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding on the history of the early Muslims and the Prophet Muhammad. November 2018


Anti-Islamic Campaigns and Internment Camps for Muslims in China

Dr. James Millward, Professor of Inter-Societal History at Georgetown University presents on China's Muslim Internment Camps and the policies behind them


"Islam: as a discourse of resistance in Iran"

New ACMCU Video Posted

In case you missed our event on October 3rd, "Islam: as a discourse of resistance in Iran", with Dr. Pouya Alimagham, the following video is a full edited version of his presentation and Q&A presented by ACMCU.


Al Jazeera Islamophobia Inc.

Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit unmasks the powerful organizations and individuals behind a surging demonization of Muslims in America.


Al-Aqsa & Jerusalem Under Occupation "International Law, Religious Freedom & Israeli Attacks"

Islamophobia Studies Center, University of California Berkley, Director Bazian's Recorded Livestream (7.26.17) on Al-Aqsa Occupation
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Al-Aqsa & Jerusalem Under Occupation
"International Law, Religious Freedom & Israeli Attacks


Syria in Context: A Conversation

This event was part one of a two-part event entitled "Taking Refuge" that occurred on March 22, 2017 at the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The conversants are Joseph Bahout, visiting lecturer with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and Luke Peterson (Global Studies), with introduction by Michael Goodhart (Global Studies).


Syrian Civil War and the Impact on its Neighbors

Presenter: Faten Ghosn, Associate Professor, International Relations, School of Government & Public Policy and Faculty of the School of Middle Eastern & North African Studies, University of Arizona. Part of the workshop "Breaking Down the Headlines: Understanding the Levant." A preparatory workshop for educator participants of the 2014 Fulbright Hays GPA to Jordan

Discussant: Mais Haddad, Syrian human rights lawyer, working in the field of women's rights and civil society

PowerPoint Presentation: Faten Ghosn, Syrian Civil War and the Impact on its Neighbor


Palestinian Aspirations and Realities

Presenter: Robert Ross, Assistant Professor of Global Cultural Studies, Point Park University

Part of the Workshop "Breaking Down the Headlines: Understanding the Levant." Sponsored by the Global Studies Center, University of Pittsburgh and CERIS. A preparatory workshop for educators participating in the 2014 Fulbright Hays GPA to Jordan

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